Saturday, July 6, 2019

July 5, 2019,   New York, New York         175/183

(July 6, 2019,  Sea day on our way to Bermuda)

We had nice weather for our 10 hour stop over in NYC.  Merrilynne and I walked 15 km, including a stroll down the 1.5 mile long High Line Linear Park which runs between 34 and 14th Streets.  As always, it was a bustling place with Times Square a madhouse.  Ironically, we ran into Joyce downtown in this sea of humanity, one of our friends from the ship.

As NYC is so iconic, I will not belabour our experiences during the visit. By the way, I noticed there are virtually no new building projects underway now.  Just a comment, partly directed toward you this telling us something?

We sent four suitcases home from NYC via  Luggage Forwarding.  Certainly will make the trip to Victoria a lot easier with our remaining five or six.  Hard to believe the trip is drawing to a close.

Iconic greeting as we cruised into our terminal further along the Hudson River, pier 88.

Random shot of a NYC street.

We were moored beside the static Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.  Some planes are visible in the photo.

Following are views of Manhattan as we leave New York City, cruising down the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty

Freedom Tower 

Sail-away party on deck

High Line Linear Park

Art along the parkway

Last view of ''The Lady" as we look into the sun.  Kind of an appropriate exposure.

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