Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 7 & 8,  2019,  St. George's, Bermuda          179 - 180/183

Update:  Last night, Jenene Caramielo, vocalist, put on a terrific evening performance.  This young lady opened for the Beach Boys recently and just head lined the 2019 Governors’ ball at the Whitehouse.

As we left New York, Merrilynne and I wondered if we should have ended our journey by skipping the 5 day extra leg to Bermuda.  Well, that would have been a BIG mistake!  Bermuda is a beautiful country, with numerous beaches, picturesque inlets, lush parks, well-maintained homes and lots of history.  Small to medium sized pleasure boats are every where, in every cove. We toured Crystal Caverns, Tobacco Bay, the Dockyards and toured the 50 km long island from one end to the other. Lawns, public areas, roadways and parks are well groomed.   People are very friendly, we never saw any homeless and graffiti is non-existent.

White wash is widely used on housing, creating a dazzling look, with heavy limestone roofs for storm protection.

Living here is expensive with prices similar to NYC.  Cycling would be challenging as no dedicated bike lanes nor road shoulders exist.

Our little ship slipped into St. George's Harbour through the narrow passage, while the big ships are relegated to deep sea moorage at the Heritage and King's Wharfs, 50 km away.

Shoreline as we enter St. George's Harbour.  Ship had a few metres to spare on each side.

Entering the little harbour

St. George's harbour

King's Wharf, a two hour public bus ride from our great location in St. George's, by the Dockyard.

Tobacco Bay Photos

Overlooks Tobacco Bay

On the walk to Tobacco Bay

Near Tobacco Bay

Large ships moored on the other end of the island, as viewed from Tobacco Bay

Crystal Caverns Photos

Walkway to Crystal Caverns

Walkway into the caverns

Random photos of Bermuda

Huge Banyan tree

Second entrance to cave system

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