Sunday, March 31, 2019

March 30 & 31, 2019,     Tokyo,         78/79//183.    -

Tokyo is a city of firsts in many categories.

- Biggest city in the world, population of 38,000,000.  More than Canada's total population.
- Shinjukiu train terminal handles 2,000,000 passengers per day, with 200 exits
- 9,000,000 people ude the train system and there has never been a fatality anywhere in the
- Busiest Starbucks in the world is at this station
- 2,000 earth quakes per year.  Worst one was in 1923, when 75% of structures were burned
  with a loss of 142,000 lives.
- #1 most livable city in the world since 2015. Vancouver will dispute this comment.
- Low crime, only one murder in Tokyo in 2015..  As a comparison, for 38,000,000   
  residents,  there would be about 1,800 murders in the USA and 608 in Canada.
  Oh, forget about the violent videos games being the cause in America - Japanese people
  play more violent video games than any in other country!
- Most Fortune 500 companies
- Most McDonalds of any city outside USA
- Godzilla movies developed and produced in Tokyo
- 780,000 incendiary bombs dropped in 1944.  Burned 75% of city
- Toyota Corolla is the all time number one selling automobile
- Most cases of Karioshi - death due to overwork
- Oldest medium age of residents for any city.  Twice as many people 60 as those under 21
- 50,000 residents over 100 years
- Life expectancy #1 in the world
- Sell more adult diapers than baby diapers
- 98% of adoptions are of men 25 to 30 years of age! ( Old folks looking for care givers and name
- Lowest air pollution of any major city
- Low noise, not polite to honk horns, traffic curtains along roads
- Least littered.  No cigarette butts, no gum on sidewalks, no litter, no graffiti, streets are well           
  maintained, Truly amazing!
- Largest area of green spaces in proportion to the total area of any major city.
- Genesis of reality TV.
- Wide variety of dining venues, such as jailhouse dining, catch your fish in the restaurant, cat           
   restaurant, owl, snake, canned goods,.....
- KFC is becoming a hit for Christmas dinners, as the Colonel looks like Santa to the Japanese

Traditional Japanese dinner and show photos below as well as our Garden tour photos.  Surprising to see a replica of 'Lady Liberty'.

Nice welcome to Tokyo!

Still not sure what this vehicle is, but it greeted us upon arrival.  Looks like an amphibious bus!

Tokyo superimposed on Great Britain

Toyota logo spells Toyota 

Impending bulge of old people, to be cared for by the small youth population in Tokyo.  American populations are more balanced.

Little kids travel the train systems alone at all times of the day and night.

Japanese driven evolution of electronic consumer equipment

Cat restaurant, where support cats run free while you eat.

Dining in a cell

Good old Santa, woops Colonel

Most McDonalds of any city outside the USA

Tour of Tokyo 
Gardens and Tower visit.  Cherry blossoms out in full!

Our guide using a clock to clearly define when to be back on board.

Views from the tower

Looking through the glass floor.

Archival photo, of course

Check out the symmetry


Who would have thought!

Ginza buildings

Convention Center by the Port

This structure is a architectural disguise for a low emissions incinerator exhaust stack.  Only in Japan!

Our ship in down town area.

2020 Olympic village being built close to the ship terminal.  

Japanese Ceremony, Art and Cuisine
Held at the 5 star Meguro Gajoen Hotel
Compliments of Oceania!

Miyabiya Japan Show.

Clockwise - Howard, Merrilynne, Barb, Conrad, Michael, Fran

Beautiful Geisha

Eight course meal.  No, the raw egg was not touched.

Hotel lobby

3D Art in Lobby

As we sail away-----