Wednesday, February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019,  Sea Day,  34/183

Plan to chronicle an average day at sea, as history for ourselves.  Our followers will likely find it boring!

Our ship, the Insignia - It is quite stable in spite of its size, due to the stabilizing system.
- 600 feet long
- 30,000 tons
- two 14' stabilizers
- max speed is 20 knots
- guest capacity is 684
- crew of 400

6:00 AM, 4 miles

6:00 AM,  one hour in Gym.

7:30 - Checking emails.

8:00 AM, coffee in the forward lounge.

8:30 AM,  Breakfast on the stern deck

9:30 AM,   Mid cruise safety drill

10:00 AM,  Putting competition, reading the greens takes on a whole new meaning on a rocking ship!

Professor Cartwright giving lecture on Norwegian Thor Heyerdal and his epic attempts to replicate the possible routes taken by people who migrated to America and to the South Seas.  He managed to sail to Tahiti from South America, 4000 miles, on a raft called the Kon Tiki, in about 100 days with the same technology as used thousands of years ago.  Then he sailed from the Mediterranean to Caribbean in a reed replica of an Egyptian boat.  DNA will be the final determinant of the actual migration to these lands.

12:30 PM,  lunch with the Armstrongs and Cooks

2:00 PM, Neglected to include photo of gem mining and cutting lecture.

2:00 PM, Wine tasting, daily event for a fee.  We did not attend

2:45 PM,  Howard does 1 hour of yoga

4:00 PM, Tea in the forward lounge

4:30 PM, Trivia and Mensa

6:30 PM, Dinner with the Cooks

9:30 PM,   Illusionist Gage Abelson put on an excellent show which left us shaking our heads in amazement.  Memory demonstrations, mind reading and confounding illusions! 


  1. thanks for a peek at your day..not boring in any way!

  2. I read the Thor Heyerdahl book on the Kon Tiki expedition when I was in grade 11 and wanted to run away to sea. Loved the story.


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