Monday, June 3, 2019

June 3, 2019,   Sorrento, Italy,   Visit to Isle of Capri     143/183                                                           

We anchored in the Sorrento harbour, overshadowed by the dramatic Amalffi coastline, as tours were preparing to board tender boats for.  Easy to understand why the Greeks colonized the area in 800 BC and successive countries have invaded the place for hundreds of years.  The city and villages are very interesting with their distinct personalities.  See photos.

A hydrofoil carried us to the Isle of Capri for a wonderful day touring medieval villages, including Anacapri 1000 meters above sea level.  Many of us took a chairlift another 1000 meters vertically, for a better view of the area.  Mount Vesuvius loomed quietly in the distance, unlike the cantankerous Mt. Etna.  Our route passed Etna at night, unfortunately.

Treats included limoncello, local beer, tasty gelato and original Italian pizza lunch!

Capri would be a nice choice for a longer stay.  Will let the photos speak for themselves!

Coastline scenes as viewed from our balcony

Dramatic building sites for numerous apartments

Note the stairways leading down to the sea.

Rode chairlift to viewpoint, but was cloudy.

Close quarters for residences, which line these walkways

Long stairway to a home

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