Saturday, March 16, 2019

March 16 and 17, 2019,      Bali,  Private tour on 16th,    64, 65/183

As our ship cruised toward our berth, the port of Benoa, Bali is the scene of frenetic 
activity.  Ships, pleasure craft, jet skis, tugs, commercial boats, 
local tour skiffs and para gliders all vying for space on the crowded waterways.  
Off in the distance loomed large volcanoes and a huge statue that can be seem in 
some of the photos.

Bali is a small island with a predominately Hindu population of 4.0 million, is 
surrounded by about 248,000,000 Indonesians, who are predominately Muslim.  
Bali is one of 34 provinces which makes up Indonesia.  
Derived from Indian traditions, the Hindu practised in Bali is much more relaxed 
with a moderate approach to the caste system, which is only a factor in religious
 rituals.  There are no untouchable, members of  different castes can have any job, 
can be poor or wealthy and can intermarry without a problem. 

Indonesia is the largest archipelago on earth:  encompassing 18,000 islands and
sharing land borders with 3 countries: Malaysia, Timor-Leste and Papa New

Visitors must be cognoscente of certain no-no's, like pointing the soles of your 
feet as people, or touching anyone with your left hand, as it is traditionally used for 
toilet activities. Crossing your arms in front or placing your hands on your hips 
while talking is regarded as aggressive also.

Bali has moved to limit population growth through financial incentives, such as 
giving the first two children free schooling and each one after that costs $5.00 per 
month for schooling.  Their medical system costs $6.00 per month per family 

We experienced graft in real time today.  Stopped by a police roadblock, our
 driver slipped a few bucks into the cop's hand along with his driver's licence to 
avoid a long, exhaustive personal and vehicular inspection, 
Presto, we were waved through!  Seriously...…

Dormant volcanos loom over Port of Benoa, Bali

Crazy traffic mixture

Greeting by locals at Port

Motor cycles used for family transportation

Note child perched precariously on Mom's hip!

Civet cat, source of world's most expensive coffee.  Made from excreted coffee beans

Lush rice fields

Mount Agung, erupted in 1963 killing about 1900

Examples of terracing to utilize land well

Wedding decorations

All Hindu homes have at least one shrine attached to the house.

Torrential rain swamped the area as our day ended.  Water up to foot deep!

Fearless motor cycles operators

Heavy rain

Final sailby on March 17, 3:00 PM, as we leave Bali


  1. Jim is back after a month’s absence. I had trouble letting google comment on the blog. I am in. Fabulous stories and pictures!


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