Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June 11 & 12, 2019,    Lisbon,  Portugal,         151 & 152 / 183

We got to spend two day in Lisbon, under clear skies, temperature around 70 F.

Lisbon shares the common fate in the region of domination by multiple conquerors over the centuries.  The European Knights liberated the area in 1147 during the second crusade.

Spain was defeated in the Portuguese Restoration War of 1640 when they reestablished their dynasty. Later, during the Seven Year War in the 1760s, Anglo-Portuguese forces soundly defeated the Spanish - French Alliance through superior military strategy and wide spread popular support.

Lisbon was virtually destroyed by a major earthquake in 1755, with the loss of most structures.  Jorge Castle did survive as built on a rocky foundation.  Our second day was spend exploring the castle and surrounding area.

Merrilynne, Penny and I wandered part of Lisbon to the tune of 11.5 kilometers, on the first day in port.  This was a serious achievement, given the extremely hilly terrain.  Offsetting the effort were excellent stops for snacks and tasty Sangria!

Lisbon is known as the city of ceramic tiles.  Many photos follow.

Passed the Belem Tower as we entered Lisbon Port.  Built between 1514 and 1520 on the Northern bank of the Tagus River, it served as a defensive installation and a monument to Portuguese Naval achievements.

Further along the route to our dock was Monument of the Discoveries, which celebrates Portugal's golden age of exploration and discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Stature -  Sanctuary of Christ the King, Catholic Monument beside the Abril Bridge.  Bridge was built by the American Bridge Company in 1966s, 

Docked in city center.

Wide boulevards by the docks

Armament stock pile in case of another invasion!

View from highest poing in Lisbon.

Sems like Alan Castello has investments or at least family everywhere.

Ceramic tile building facing

Gives some perspective on the dramatic inclines throughout Lisbon

Eat your hearts out cyclists, the selection here was incredible

 Jorge Castle view from the lookout.

Penny, Merrilynne and I enjoying Sangria at a cool little watering hole on a rustic side street.  1 euro per glass!

Graffiti, but very well done.

Famous trolley 28

More ceramics

Lazy guys

Castelo de la Jorge

Following pictures of our visit to the Castle which overlooks Lisbon.  First fortifications built by the Romans, beginning in 48 BC

Foundations in the area date back to 8th century BC

Statue of Olisipona on castle grounds, Portusuese girl

400 year old ceramics from castle

   Views as we walk down from the Castle

Apparantly the oldest tree in Lisbon, certainly 'root bound' as least....:)

Praca do Comercio, Principle Square in Lisbon.  

Triumphal Arch, 1873, with statues of Vasco de Gama and Marquis of Pombal on top.

Dom Jose 1, 25 King of Portugal.  His reign began at age 21, only to be severely challenged by the  devastating earth quake of 1755.  With the city destroyed and in chaos, evil people raped and pillaged with severe punishment being meted out by the king.  His organizational skills facilitated an organized recovery for the region.

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