Friday, February 1, 2019

January 27. Cabo San Lucas

Located at Land’s End on the Baja Peninsula, this area is very similar to California, with strip malls and marinas populated by luxury yachts. We walked 8 miles along bustling streets, massive resort hotels and numerous restaurants today.

Surprisingly, the El Arco arch at Lands End collapsed during a hurricane in 2015, so that iconic landmark is gone forever! Check out the photo below.

A local sea lion has developed a reputation as a beggar. He meets returning fishing boats, scurries onto the rear walking deck while pleading for a fish, then he goes to the next boat. I wonder who taught whom this pandering trick….seal or man?

Looking back in time, it is unfortunate that the surveyors laying out the Southern border between USA and Mexico may have been a little too familiar with fire water. Why you ask? Well, looking at the line, if the surveyors haven’t deviated North and just missed the Sea of Cortex, the Baja would be part of California and snow birds would have houses along the lower Baja, under fantastic weather!

Lovena Fox, ( Canadian entertainer from Vancouver ) put on a terrific show last night, culminating in Houston's " I Will Always Love You". Luckily for us, we spent time with her later and leaned that she is a wise investor, due to her multiple real estate holding is Las Vegas. She is pictured with Merrilynne, below.

El Arco Arch after collapse


  1. Your trip looks amazing and the picture quality is outstanding. Enjoying following your adventure, thanks for posting.

  2. Is Lovena Fox the same lady who you saw in the street outside the Brisbane Terminal?


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