Tuesday, December 24, 2019

January 15. Cuba

Interesting day in Cuba!
Cuban people were well groomed, not overweight, seem very happy and there were no panhandlers, beggars nor people trying to sell junk. School kids were exuberant!

About half the cars are modern with models from numerous countries except the USA. Lots of vintage 50s cars were evident too, with many sporting fresh paint jobs. Some new real estate development was evident as we toured the city of Havana on a Hop on Hop off bus.

Trump’s 2017 executive order has hampered US citizen movement and association with Cubans, but this has no impact on Canadians. We were told by ship communications that the Cubans only accept Cuban money but once on shore we found this to be totally untrue. US $ and Euros were accepted everywhere. Hopefully the attached pictures convey these impressions. Note the contrasting eras with the modern cruise ship passing the fort at the entrance to Havana’s harbour, which dates to 1520.

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