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January 28-29 Sea Days & Long Beach. Notice of Google+ Shutdown 

January 30. Long Beach, CA.

Interesting to learn that the Long Beach / Los Angeles port system is the largest one in the USA and ninth largest in the world, behind 6 Chinese, one Korean and Singapore ports with 156 post Panamá cranes servicing the complex.

Merrilynne and I walked a few miles around the harbour. with its extensive cycling paths and numerous dining spots. Looks like a great place to hang out.

Picture below shows the large volume of liquor, berries and food being loaded for the 5 day trip to Hawaii,

Twice in previous years, Gary and Candy Gaudreau organized a three day cycling event, where 6 couples met Merrilynne and I at Newport Beach on our return journey to Arizona. This beach lis located about 15 miles South of Long Beach. Amazing beaches and recreation facilities stretching for miles in Southern California. Visiting here brought back great memories!

Pictured below are Sanjay Goel and Criz Punsalin of Cruise Connections, who flew in from Vancouver to meet with their 28 Around the World cruise customers. Interesting discussing their business over lunch.

We toured the Battleship Iowa which is moored next to the cruise terminal. Note the 12 inch thick cast 

iron vaults for the helm and the 9 massive 16” guns. Living conditions were reasonable on the ship.  

There were four ships of this class completed around 1943. They were refurbished two times with the last upgrade being completed at Reagan’s request. Retired in 1990. You will recall that a sister ship, the Missouri, was the venue for the surrender ceremony between MacArthur and the Japanese.

Pictured below is the Queen Mary, which my Dad sailed on to England, in 1947!

DARN, I just received a notification from Google that they are shutting down their blog system by April 2.

Iowa Museum

Criz and Sanjay, President and VP, Cruise Connections

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