Wednesday, July 3, 2019

July 1, 2019,   Sydney, Nova Scotia      171/183

Merrilynne and I spent a few hours walking along the picturesque seafront boardwalk taking in the scenes and proud history of  many mariners.  A nice lady's sweater found its way from a hanger on shore to our cabin!

There is something special about being back in your own country.  A free wheeling conversation broke out between us and several local Nova Scotians who were controlling security for ship boarding.  We would have been set for a fun evening if our ship hadn't been set to sail.

Oceania put on a Canada Party in the Horizon Lounge, with excellent 'beaver' muffins and 'beaver tails' and music by Canadian entertainers!

Sydney played an important roll as a staging point for many convoys destined to England

Sydney coastline in the early morning

Symbol of Immigrant protecting a child

WWII Memorial to Canadian Civilian Merchant Mariners killed escorting convoys to Europe

201 local men died fighting for Canada in WWII from this area.

Self Explanatory

Every city has the biggest something, so here goes for Sydney

Random home

Ready for July 1 celebration

Nice 'Beaver' pastry


Our home away from home for 6 months.

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