Friday, June 7, 2019

June 6, 2019,   Monte Carlo, Monaco.    146/183

Monte Carlo is a paradise located on the Mediterranean coast of France, about 6 miles from Nice.  It is a sovereign state but France does provide military protection.

- It is the second smallest country behind the Vatican, at 2.08 square kilometers or 0.77 square mile.
- Most densely populated county in the world with a population of 38,400.
- Highest average annual income in the world.
- One person in three is a millionaire.
- Property values have tripled in 12 years.  Average sized 2 bedroom is $5 milliom euros.
- There are no personal income taxes, but a Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to everything.  Canada and USA, listen up!

We spent the day exploring finding beautiful parks and vistas everywhere.  This place certainly merits a second longer visit.

Once again, the photos tell it all.

Views of Monaco and the harbour from our deck.  Once again, being on a small ship is a benefit as it can access docks close to city centers!

Photos taken along our walking tour of Monaco

Albert Switzer

Monte Carlo Grand Prix held each May.  Huge task to erect facilities

Robert dreaming

Robert and Howard

Monte Carlo Casino 

Runabout for the yacht beside it, equipped with 4-350 HP motors. 

Our ship is a stone's throw from the action.  Viewed from the opposite side of the harbour, from a dock located just under the Monaco Casino

Biggest sail-assisted motor yatch in the background, Russian owned.

Russian-owned sail-assisted motor yacht, $350 million.  Largest in the world.  Called Motor Yacht A

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