Monday, June 24, 2019

June 23, 2019    Dublin,  Ireland        163/183

Rain predicted but once again a nice day for touring.

This was a special day for us, as our friend Dympna Devlin and her niece Louise met us at the dock.  They took a day out of their life to give us a special tour of the area not seen by ships' excursion participants.  Merrilynne and Dympna nursed together in a Vancouver Hospice for several years, becoming friends at that time.  We have committed to accept their gracious offer for a longer stay at their homes in the lovely country of Ireland.  Even their accents are very charming!  Good luck with your Phd studies Louise, while looking forward to hearing you singing and playing your piano. May your retirement come soon Dympna, so you can further enjoy your lovely home and close family!  Hope to see you both in Victoria some day soon too.

Pubs are as ubiquitous in Ireland as coffee shops in Canada!  Best part, they serve coffee too!

First stop - a quaint coffee shop called 'The Conservatory' for a treat by Dympna.  Piping hot fresh scones and coffee!
Dympna, Louise

Charming Irish countryside

Glendalough Monastic City - Founded around 1000 BC.  Translates from Gaelic to "Valley of the Two Lakes"

Headstone for a man who died in 1750.  Note his age was 106.

Ruins of the Old Church, 1000 AD

Seemed pretty calm,  maybe a reincarnated parishioner?

Lower lake by the Monastic City

Lunch in the Avoca Sugar Tree Cafe, Bray, Wicklow.

Garden behind the Avoca restaurant

More garden behind restaurant

Clontarf Castle, built in 1836.  Refreshment stop to cap off the day

End of a perfect day in the Clontarf Castle Pub.  Cider and Black Current

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