Tuesday, June 18, 2019

June 16 and 17, 2019,    Boudreaux, France,        155, 156/183

Once again, our small cruise ship was able to access the heart of Bordeaux with moorage across the street from the major sites, while bigger ships are relegated to deep water moorage an hour and a half drive into the city.  So convenient to come and go at our leisure as we were in port for two days.

There is a real sense of community in this city of 1 million.  People were cycling, jogging, walking and just hanging out in the park by our ship. Many families brought picnic lunches to enjoy within yards of our balcony.  580 km of bicycle trails available.

Our luck continues weather-wise as Bordeaux greeted us with clear skies and mid to upper 70s temp.

I was surprised to learn that all Bordeaux wines are blends. This area produces close1 billion  bottles, with the wine economy being about $14.5 billion Euros.  Around the World customers are treated to a winery tour and fine dining evening by Oceania.

We love the place and it is on our long stay list.  Tres Magnifique! Bordeaux is often referred to a 'Little Paris', for obvious reasons.  Photos and captions will do the talking.

One observation is that Weight Watchers would not have much business here. We did see a few candidates, but as they came within ear shot, one could detect a North American accent.....Just saying!

Esplanade des Quinconces as seem from our balcony

Our ship close to La Ponte de Pierre, on the Garrone River.  

Bordeaux Medical University

Iconic 12 theatre cinema.

Umbrella art

Bronze Casting

Iconic Caneles of Bourdeaux.  They are delicious

Caneles being made

Basilique Saint Michel was built from 14 to 16th centuries.  It was virtually destroyed by a storm in 1768 and was not repaired for 100 years. The free standing bell tower - La Fleche is 114 meters tall (374 feet)  - Howard climbed that sucker.

Bell bank in the Tower above

Typical apartment building

Bordeaux Opera House

Monument aux Gironndins - Statue to honour Girondists, bourgeois deputies who were members of France's Legislative Assembly, who supported the French revolution.

Part of  Monument aux Garandins

Part of Monument aux Garandins 

Several random apartment buildings.

More apartments - so much structural detail.

Intercontinental Hotel.

 Intercontinental Patio

Winery Tour and dinner

Joyce, Craig and Merrilynne - Looks like a three glass lean there.

Clockwise - Joyce, Ann, Barbara, Merrilynne, Connie, Mark, Craig, Steve, Gerry

Mature vines are about 2 feet tall.  They absorb dew at night to augment water needs

Esplanade des Quinconces

Place de La Bourse

Eastern entry to St Catherine Street

  St Catherine Street.  20 blocks of shops, bars, restaurants.  Fun place

Another shot of St. Catherine Street

La Ponte de Pierre, ordered built by Napoleon for his army.  Bridge contains 17 arches, same number as the number of letters in Napoleon Bonaparte

La Ponte de Pierre -  Look at the Lamps

Basilique Saint \michele in the background

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