Friday, June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019,   La Coruna, Spain.          154/183

Blue skies greeted us today, but chilly - 50 F at 9:00 am, warming to only 65.  Apparently the weather can be fierce, wet and windy - hence the glass-enclosed galleries on apartments lining the harbour.

As we were moored only yards from downtown, Merrilynne, Penny, Robert and I walked around town, spending a lovely day touring, shopping and sampling the local fare.  Robert is recovering from pneumonia, so 'slow' was the operative pace.  Lunch for four: beer and a sandwich each for 14 Euros total!

This city has a warm, appealing feel, probably fostered by the mix of architecture styles, integrated old and new streets, numerous beautiful parks, historical monuments and proximity to the sea.  A monument of John Lennon greeted us at one turn.  Cycling is definitely an option here, but the numerous cobble stone streets will be a challenge to avoid.

Graffiti is rearing its ugly head in too many areas here.  They better get a handle on this problem!

Back in 1588, 130 ships forming the Spanish Armada sailed from this port to avenge the killing of Mary Queen of Scots.

Our home away from home tucked in close to downtown La Coruna

View from our balcony

Beautiful Park Areas

Tribute to 
John Lennon

Bicycle built to last 

Lots of street art.

City hall

Old guys wandering 

Even the modern buildings have incredible adornments

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