Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 13, 2019,    Dubai, UAE and Potential Pirate Boarding.                  122/183.                                                                 
(May 14 & 15.    Sea days)

Dubai is an ultra modern city with excellent infrastructure.  Beautiful buildings abound.  Construction has started on a 1,000 meter tower (3,280') for another world record height, but Saudi Arabia is planning an even taller tower.  Crazy!

200 different nationalities work in Dubai, which surpasses Canada's ethnic diversity.  Religious freedom is a given, for all denominations.

Dubai will exhaust its oil supply within 5 or 6 years, so reshaping the economy is a high priority.  Tourism, real estate and financial services make up most of its economy with oil contributing only 2% to their GNP.  This place is very westernized: bikinis are allowed, alcohol is served, night clubs are common, shopping is as varied as you wish and English is spoken everywhere.  With tourism being their main economic engine, very attractive pricing exists for 'all inclusive' accommodations at many hotels.  I was surprised to hear a couple stayed at the Four Seasons for less than $300.00 per night, including transfers, three meals a day and cocktails!

Oceania confirmed that US Navy Seals are on board to defend our ship against pirate boardings. We had observed muscular young men about the ship for a couple days, wearing special ear pieces, so were not surprised by the comments.  A zodiac met us in mid-ocean one morning, at 6:00 AM, to deliver several heavy wooden crates.  Any guesses what was inside----- probably not blue berries?

Interesting was the sound of a loud explosion, heard by many, as we approached Fujairah on May 12.  Coincidentally, the four tankers were sabotaged that same morning in the Gulf of Oman, close to our destination of Fujairah.  Finally, later that day, a Black Hawk helicopter did a fly by to cap off the mystique.  Cannot make this stuff up!

Their winter temperatures range from lows of 65 to highs of 85 F.

We will be visiting Dubai again.

View of downtown Dubai from our balcony: World's tallest building, Burj Khalifi, at 828 meters and the old  QE 2, now converted to a floating hotel. (In service 1969 to 2008)

Various shots of city skyline.

Burj Al Arab Jumeiral Hotel, regarded as the world's best hotel.  $7,000 to $20,000 per night.

Beach beside the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai Frame, located in the Zabeel Park.  This is the largest 'Frame" in the world, measuring 500' .

Rashid Al Maktoum's yacht. He is the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

Example of Dubai development.  

Random shots of area.

Air conditioned bus stop shelter!

Art Museum

Transit station

Typical mosque

Typical housing.


Structures in Old Dubai, predating 1971

Old Dubai

Gold market, 500 stores

Elaborate 22 carat gold jewellery.  For fun, I priced one large piece and the gold used was worth about 75% of the necklace selling price.  Very good value!

Street art is common in Dubai

Paintings on a highway retaining wall.

More retaining wall art.  Beautiful workmanship!

Pictures of  Dubai Creek area.

Bedouin residence, part of Dubai Museum

Scary looking dude and who knows if the lady is pretty, or even a lady?

Boat ride on Dubai Creek.

Replica of centuries old boat


Incognito,  what if she isn't his woman?  How do you really know, until it is too late?

Wonder where "Ahab the Arab" is?

Baobab Tree, a drought resistance species.

Good bye, Dubai!    Sail away, while dining on the rear deck!

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