Monday, April 22, 2019

April 21, 2019,  Bangkok, Thailand,           100/183

April 20, 2019,    Sea Day    99/183

On our 100th day, as we cruise into PAT Bangkok Terminal, downtown.  Temperature is heading for 100 F with high humidity.   Surprised to discover the air pollution is dramatically improved, compared to our visit in 1989, when the sun emerged from smoky skies about 10:00 AM and turned into a red ball again at 4:00 PM.   Once again, hundreds of towers dot the skyline in another emerging Asian city.  I guess one can summarize Bangkok as a modern city on the same scale and standards as any western city, but with greater architectural diversity. I have included numerous photos of many buildings to demonstrate my claim.

With a population of 8 million to service, their transportation systems are efficient with well designed networks that work.

Clothing styles have evolved to where the ladies are wearing casual western-style outfits, sadly, in contrast to 30 years ago when most ladies were elegantly attired in long gowns.  Darn progress!

Post visit to city - We were wringing wet and "done" after a few hours!

Easter morning greeting at the Terrace Cafe.  Happy Easter everyone!

Fishermen standing in 3 feet of water close to the ship channel.  Must be a challenge to keep the ship's keel out of the mud.

Modern skyline bracketing traditional craft.

Another city view on cruise in.

MahaNakhon multi-use 77 story building, locally referred to as the Lego Bldg.

Yes, new buildings and construction cranes everywhere!  Place is booming.

One of the innumerable temples in the city.

Unique boats powered by conventional automotive engines which are cheaper than marine types.

What can I say?

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