Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March 5, 2019     Sea Day      53/183

Many new faces on board ship today as Sydney was the start of a new 30 day leg, to Tokyo.  Best part is we also get another gratis bottle of wine!

An interesting drug trafficking interdiction occurred in the Sydney port upon our arrival on March 3.  We learned today, that as the cruise ship docked, a person was filmed tossing a package from a deck onto the dock.  Well, it turns out that the Australian authorities have significant camera coverage of ship movements. Consequently the entire process was filmed, including a clear image of the offender.  Furthermore, Australian border procedures require that all occupants of any cruise ship  leave the ship for processing.  So, all the cops had to do was wait by the ship's exit to introduce themselves to the moron.  I wonder what he was thinking as that sequence of events unfolded, and he was led away in cuffs.  Hilarious!

We are off to the Polo restaurant for dinner with Marshall and Elaine.  Will be an interesting evening, as Marshall was on the team that built the Palo Verde nuclear plant in Arizona.

Update:  I have to apologize for relaying a completely inaccurate story about the "package", because the episode as presented above is totally erroneous!  I received this information third hand and unfortunately, I ran with it and did not verify with anyone else.  Well anyway, on the way back to Victoria, we were travelling with the person who had first hand knowledge of the incident (Turns out she is a neighbor from the Victoria area)  She also had told the party who relayed the grossly convoluted story to me. (By another Traveller from BC)
More accurate version of the incident:   When we docked in Australia, police boarded the ship to check for drugs with a service dog.  One of the World Cruisers had carried medical marijuana on board in New York, so he knew this was a problem.  Panicking, he tossed his package onto his neighbor's deck to avoid being caught.  Nice move, right?  Well luckily, the neighbor say this happen and reported it to authorities.  Police and ship officers interviewed the offender and finally let him off with no repercussions, except he lost his medicine.  (Fake news by a die hard Fox watcher)

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