Wednesday, March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019,    Darwin,   Progressive Sunset           61/183

Sadly our cruise is one third over today!

Darwin is a modern tropical city at the “top” of Australia, population 145,000.
It was bombed 64 times, over a 1.5 year period during WWll, but the Japs
never tried to invade.   235 mostly non-Australian sailors were killed during the
first raid by 242 planes on Feb. 19, 1942. 

More tragedy ensued on Dec. 24, 1974 when a category 5
cyclone, packing 175 mph (280km) winds literally destroyed the city.

Tropical weather was oppressively warm and humid today. Felt good to get back
to the ship, even though a glass of ‘Fifty Lashes’ pale ale hit the spot earlier.

School kids wear smart looking uniforms her too. See photo of while parliament

Police scoot around on Segways, quietly stalking those beer-swilling Aussies!

The Indian and Pacific oceans meet along Northern Australia, and since the tides
 in the Indian Ocean are diurnal while Pacific tides are semi-diurnal, flows can
exceed 10 mph.

Note:  Flags of Commonwealth hang in the parliament building and Mozambique’s
displays an AK 47!  Go figure.
Sailing into Darwin at 7:00 AM

Plaque on the floor in the Hall of Commonwealth Hall of flags, Parliament

Uniformed students in front of the Parliament buildings

AK 47 on Mozambique flag

Check out the beer name, Fifty Lashes

           Progressive sunset over the Tamor Sea, West of Darwin.  Photos span a 40 minute period.

End of a great day

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  1. Nice sunset. Hard too believe that the cruise is a third over. However it gives you a great marker as to how may pounds you are going to gain. Hard to believe at our winter season in Phoenix is coming to a close as well. In just 3 weeks we will be headed back to Kelowna.


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