Sunday, March 10, 2019

March 10, 2019,    Cooktown  cancelled            58/183

Our Captain decided not to risk stopping in Cooktown.  It was a "tender" port, (Passengers transfer to shore via small boats) as the ship is moored off shore. Concern was that the wind would increase, making boarding a challenge for some of the less mobile passengers.

This is the place where Captain Cook beached the Endeavour, which had struck a reef offshore from Cape Tribulation. Cook's crew spent 48 days repairing the damage, while scientist Joseph Banks and Swedish naturalist illustrated animal new species, named kangaroos, collected and preserved over 200 plant species and learned 50 words from the local tribesmen.

Sailing must have been very difficult for early navigators in these waters, with the myriad of islands and reefs.  We are constantly passing islands and shallows that are anywhere from a few square yards to hundreds of acres. See photos.

Scott Williams put on another entertaining evening of humour!  Society would likely benefit massively if we focused on laughter and got away from the inexact pursuits of psychiatry and psychology and their attendant shortcomings!

Views from our balcony, Australian mainland in the distance

One of inumerable islands which span the "Reef"

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