Thursday, February 28, 2019

March 1, 2019.      Sea Day crossing the "Ditch".   49/183

Ditch refers to the 1200 by 1700 mile (1900 by 2700 km) sea between New Zealand and Australia.  Likewise, the Atlantic is commonly called the "Pond".  Will take us three days to reach Sydney, so hoping for calm winds. Gales from the Antarctic are common.

Interesting that the land masses are predominately in the Northern Hemisphere, with the southerly most land of Tierra De Fugeo is at 54.8 S parallel.  Much of the Northern Hemisphere lays above the 55 N  parallel.

Clocks went back an hour today, so we get to spend another 25 hour day. Allows us to slowly recover the day we lost at the International Date Line, one hour at a time without the suffering caused by a multi-hour time zone change.

We have obligatory exercise commitments today, as well as our ongoing responsibility to consume our share of the amazing cuisine.  Must minimize waste, right?

David Cooke performed a rousing rendition of "Danny Boy" for our guest talent night, in the main show room.  He brought the house down!

Women in New Zealand won the right to vote in 1893, the first country to do so, which was about 25 years ahead of North America.

Roger gave a detailed accounting of the luxurious yachts used over the centuries by rich, famous and royal personalities. Even Cleopatra had a fancy reed 'yacht'.

Five master configuration required to display the five official ensigns for the Royal Yacht

Royal Yacht Britannia

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