Saturday, February 9, 2019

February 7, 2019     Hilo, Hawaii

Nice day on the 13,000 square mile big island of the Hawaiian chain.  We rented a car with friends (Lilian and David) and visited Rainbow Falls, Akaka Park and Falls and the Hawaii Botanical Gardens.  Akaka Falls has a 400’ drop. Having visited the volcanoes on previous occasions, we concentrated on visiting parks today. Stunning beauty greeted us everywhere we went, as demonstrated by the following photos.  Note the mongoose, salamanders, song birds and numerous orchid varieties.

This area would lend itself nicely to cycling, a point that wasn't missed by Merrilynne!  Just saying...




  1. Man...the photos of the flowers and the waterfalls are amazing. Who is that stud standing by the fence?

  2. Lovely photos - definitely frame worthy. Now you have lots of time to decide which ones will make the cut.
    Glad you missed the big storm!


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