Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 26, 2019    Auckland, NZ    46/183

Great day in the city of 1.6 million which is one third of the population of New Zealand.  Rode a Hop On bus with friends and visited the Sky Tower for a city overlook.  Several extinct volcanoes loom over the extremely clean city, which is surrounded by numerous inlets, two harbours and majestic scenery.  Photos below tell it better.

Everyone commented that they could spend a lot of time here, mixing with the friendly residents, enjoying the sidewalk eateries and just hanging out.  Found a nice Japanese restaurant on Parnell Street.

The sail-away was epic: watching Auckland slowly fad into the distance, sun setting, as we dined on the rear deck.  Life is good!

Incidentally, only the third time that we had to share a port with another cruise ship.

Sky Tower in Auckland

Views from 772' on the Sky Tower

Looking through the glass floor on the Sky Tower at 772'

David Craddock

Younga Craddock

Extinct volcano in the background, as viewed from the tower

View of the 700 ' elevator shaft through the glass floor.  Makes a person's knees weak!!

Cleanup time

Younga Carddock

Three dudes sporting NZ cuts!

Watching the sail-away from ship's rear deck.

Auckland in the distance


  1. Auckland is a very pretty place. Easy to see why it is so popular

  2. When I visited earlier this century they used to have Bungy Jumping off the Sky Tower.


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