Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 25, 2019    Bay of Islands, New Zealand  45/183       21 hours ahead of Victoria time.

Our first stop in New Zealand is the 144 island area called Bay of Islands. Being a major 19th century whaling port, Russel was a wild and bawdy stop for the sailors. Now historical remnants remain which make for interesting touring.  Weather was refreshingly cooler, in the low 70s, a significant departure from the 90s of Fiji.  Luckily we skirted a cyclone as it moved North and behind us.

Merrilynne is under the weather today: too much butter on a seeries of dishes at lunch the day before.  Oceania do well with their health protocols which include all food being served by employees.  ie.  You dare not try to serve yourself or a hand will reach out and grab the utensil from you.  In spite of this, the "odd" goofball still occasionally trys!

Scenery is nice, apparently fishing is excellent but not much else to do in this resort.

Gasoline is priced in litres - US equivalent in US currency - $6.30 / gallon!


  1. Lovely photos ♥️
    Get well soon, Merrilynne xox

  2. Very Nice post and I love the photos.

  3. That final photo looks like the beach at Paihia (the locals call it Pay Here) Donnis and I stayed at a motel on top of the hill on the right.


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