Saturday, February 23, 2019

February 23, 2019    Sea Day      43/183

Fun day exercising, eating, drinking, viewing art and playing games.

Insignia put on a "Country Fair" with numerous fun booths housing various competitions.  Winners (Everyone) received tickets for prize draws like bottles of wine, facials and massages.  Merrilynne  carried the banner for the Browns again when her ticket was drawn.  Man, I must keep hanging around that girl!

Merrilynne with our cruise director, Leslie

Don't short out the circuit, Merrilynne

View of Pacific from our balcony

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  1. looks like a fun day at sea. Agnes and I really like having a sea day after a hectic round of ports. Nice and warm unlike Phoenix which is cold, rainy and windy. Next week is suppose to be warmer.


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